Personal Growth and Reflection: A Letter to My Past Self

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Self-reflection is very important for your personal growth. So, go ahead and write a letter to your past-self and let the person you used to be see just how wonderful the road will get.

Dear past-self,

I’m writing this from a safe place. For all I know, you will surely get to be 22 and you will grow so much. Things won’t always be easy along the way. You will lose a lot of people you love endlessly but you will have to come to terms with it- there’s not much you can do and it’s not your fault. For now, make sure you hug those you love frequently. Make memories, they’ll shine bright when your road gets dark.

You will grow to be your own best friend and your biggest enemy, but I know you will balance it out as you go. Your face will change and it won’t be as soft. I want you to know you’ll only get more beautiful as time passes, and I’ll need you to believe it.

It might not seem true at all right now- but you create your possibilities and your attitude is what matters the most. The world is a scary place, but you will travel a lot. You’ll learn that people, places and even your mindset(s) at a time are just temporarily there- you’ll grow in and out of them.

You will also fall in and out of love multiple times, don’t be afraid of it. People will hurt you and you will hurt them, but all these micro-hurts will turn into little scars for you to carry around and will remain as priceless lessons. It will seem like the world is falling apart and your heart is ruined forever- but you will heal and love again.

Stay safe, knowing you will get here one day. It will get better. You don’t need to understand everything about the universe and yourself right now. Knowledge will come in small pieces, stay patient and keep thriving. I’m just writing to remind you you’re made of stars and to let you know it’s okay to be insecure. Things will change. The only constant in your life you get to keep is yourself- so be kind to that one person who will be there every step along the way.

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