When you left me, the feeling was like it’s the end of my world. I thought I would never be happy again.


At least not the kind of happy I had when I was with you when I had you.


I couldn’t eat, or sleep, or breathe because you were gone.


Now I see how that was dramatic, but then that was how I felt.


You and I were together for four years. We were in love for 1460 days, you were all I knew.


You were my first love, my first everything.


And when you left, when you gave up, I didn’t want to live without you.


I didn’t know how to live in a world where you are not with me. How could I live in a world where the thing I wanted the most, didn’t want me?


But I lived. I needed to find light in my life again. I had to see something beyond the darkness and loneliness.


There had to be some light to come out from the darkness.


I don’t know when I stopped to feel this way. I don’t know when the darkness turned a little bit lighter.


I started to live again. I think it happened over a few months, maybe even a few years. But I was alive again.


There were a lot of ups and downs. There were a lot of boys who didn’t have anything yours.


There were many boys I fell for, but to be honest, there wasn’t anything like what I used to have with you.


After a certain time, I fall in love with myself. I figured out who I am without love and without you. I found myself, and I fought for myself.


It wasn’t easy. It was really hard. But I know how much I worth. I know what I deserve.


I will find love again and will be happy. I am going to live a dream again, with someone who will love me, who will care about me.


I had a beautiful love story with you, but also I had the worst nightmare after our breakup.


But the most important thing is that I found myself after your leaving, I found the strength to start all over again.