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If You Come Back To Me, You Will Fall In Love Again

Written by Peggysue

You had me fooled and I was fooled for so very long. Sometimes I can’t believe I let you use me the way you did.


Everything you said, every word of it, I held onto by every drip. I was addicted to you.


I gave you everything that I possibly could. All that I was and I am I gave to you.


I thought we had the most couples can only dream of having. I know I was something for you, but something that’s not enough.


When you left, I couldn’t believe in it.


I know that people are not prepared to be left, but damn, I was lost. I didn’t know how to live.


I’m probably crazy but somewhere deep inside me, I hope our paths cross again.


I want to see you again, no matter how you hurt me, I still love you.

I think that I love you more if is it possible. I am living without you, and it’s really hard.


I miss you every day. I miss your voice, your eyes, your kisses. I miss your everything.


The time I spent without you I have worked on myself.


I know if you ever come back you’ll be in shock. Now I’m more confident, I love myself.


And if you ever come back to me, I know you will fall in love with me again. I’m a better person now. I have changed.


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