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I Can Do Better Without You

Written by Peggysue

You came into my life suddenly, but I fall for you in that one moment. In that moment when you offered me a jacket because I was freezing.


In that moment everything stopped. There just were you and me.


I fall into you.


Day after day my love for you was bigger and bigger.


There was nothing for me except you.


I gave you all I had.


I cared about you so much, and I was thinking that you care about me the same way.


But I was wrong.


You were just enjoying my attention.


I was always calling you, sending the text messages and makes the effort to get together.


I can count on one hand the times that you initiated a conversation with me.


You always wanted to go out with your friends but you never invited me to come along.


I was only one who tried to talk about the issues that we were experiencing together in the relationship.


You preferred to ignore problems, like that they are going to disappear.


You never asked about my day or listened to my stories.


And I was stressed all of the time because I was worried that our relationship is about to be over.


And somehow I always thought that is my fault.


How the time passes I see that never was my fault. You were the problem.


You didn’t care about me at all. You were just pretending to love me.


I realized that you were just using me, I decided to not be in the one-sided relationship anymore.


I can do better without you.


I am happier without you.


And I have life without you. So, goodbye.



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