A lot of us can’t really tell what love is. We haven’t experienced the legitimate kind of love. But we are attracted to the idea of love. In these times it is understandable though because of those who will tell you that they love you even when they don’t really mean it. A lot of us end up getting hurt and heartbroken.

Relationships get tricky at times. We know what love feels and how it’s supposed to look like. But it’s hard sometimes to tell whether a person’s intentions are. You may be not sure whether he loves you. But you have to know that actions speak louder than words and that applies even to love.

These signs can tell the truth if he is really in love with you without an actual ‘I love you’.

1. A good morning text.

A morning text also means that he thinks about you when he wakes up. You are the first thing in his mind when his day begins. He wants to tell you that he wants to be with you, and for sure that’s a sign of love.

2. He notices the little things.

When he is paying attention to details you know for sure you are very important in his life. He cares about you. He never fails to notice the delicate intricacies that make up the whole of your relationship. The little things are just as valuable and as important as the big things.

3. He listens to you.

Girs can keep talking endlessly, but when a guy is interested he will listen to you patiently. Anything you have to say. He won’t complain that you talk too much because he wants to know everything about you and your feelings.

4. He makes effort to spend time with you.

You shouldn’t take for granted the fact that he makes effort every day just to be with you. It means you are someone important in his life. Someone he is choosing to prioritize over everything else.

5. He respects your opinions.

When you talk about his haircut or clothes, he takes your opinion into consideration. If your opinions matter to him, so do you.

6. He makes you feel involved in his life.

When it comes to you he would never act cold, he wouldn’t make you feel like you don’t matter to him. When he is making decisions he consults with you. His life is like an open book to you because he trusts you. He values your input.

7. He doesn’t make you feel worried.

He wants to make sure you feel safe and secure in the relationship. He is doing everything to ensure that.

8. You have established an emotional bond.

You have a chemistry going on. He knows how you are feeling just by looking at your face. You have a synergy that exists between you two and it works very well.