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Darling, Your Loss

Written by Peggysue

You never made me a priority. You took for granted that I would always be there for you.


You just were using me.


I tried to understand why you were so cruel.


I tried to understand why you were doing all that creepy shit to me.


You were killing me day by day.


You were fine, you were doing great, so you didn’t even care about my feelings.


For years I tried to make it work.


You convinced me that is all my fault.


And I believed you.


I believed you because you were everything to me.


You were my world, my soul, my heart.


I would die without you, so I couldn’t live.


I was forgiving you all games you were playing with me.


I was finding excuses for you did.


But then, one day, excuses didn’t exist anymore.


You hit me.


I couldn’t cry.


I couldn’t run away.


I just was standing there looking in your eyes.


I didn’t say even a word.


And then, I just left.


I never spoked to you again.


That day you die.


You killed yourself inside of me.


The game was over.


I was broken, but you lost me.


So, I guess darling, your loss.

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