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13 Absolutely Honest Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Written by Chloe M.

Being single is not a bad thing. Sometimes being single is only your fault. The thing is you can change that.

Here are the usual reasons why you are still single.

1. You want to be single.

If you don’t want to commit to someone but enjoy your life without obligations your behavior will reflect those attitudes. It is important to remind yourself that you actually want to be alone and that it is your choice. It will give you calmness.

2. You don’t take enough care of yourself.

It shows when you don’t take care of yourself. It isn’t just physically, but mentally and emotionally. In your confidence, in the choices you make. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important. When you want a good relationship in your life, it starts with you.

3. You are always looking for something better.

Because of the idea that there is always someone better for you, you can be very dissatisfied with the current relationship or life situations. This can result in an enchanted circle from which you will find it difficult to get out because the best person in the world will not be good enough for you.

4. You’re not over your ex.

If you have recently got out of a relationship you are probably still hurting. If someone breaks your heart, it isn’t just you don’t trust them, but every other person of that same sex, you don’t trust yourself either. Loneliness is the best way to solve your problems in peace.

5. You aren’t ready for a relationship.

You may feel you are ready for a relationship and even look for a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, but deep inside you are still not ready to enter a relationship. This is happening because of poor connections in the past that you haven’t solved yourself with. And they still have an impact on your life and relationships.

Moreover, if you get in touch with someone, and you are aware from the inside that you are not ready, you will unconsciously tell the partner that you don’t really want to be with him.

6. You don’t make an effort to date.

You refuse every opportunity to go out and probably meet someone to date with. Even when you are on some dating app it is just of boredom, you aren’t pursuing anyone or anything.

7. You have unrealistic expectations of love.

You can’t expect that your partner likes everything you like, or loves to do things which you do. It is normal that you like different things. It is okay if you don’t spend every moment together. Everybody needs some space and some time to be alone. The most important things you need from your partner are trust, love, and support.

8. You run away from love.

If someone shows interest in you, you are making up an excuse immediately. You are saying that you can’t do that or it won’t work. You are finding some flaw in them you can’t live with. Getting hurt made you fear this way.

9. You’re happy alone.

You don’t actually need a relationship to be happy. And that is okay.

10. You have the feeling that all the good ones are already taken.

When you look at your friends and their partners you are thinking that all good partners are already in a relationship. You are wondering if there is still someone single who would suit you. The reason for this feeling is that you might think that people you meet are not good enough or you are afraid to make another mistake.

11. You aren’t honest about what you really want.

Say what you are looking for. Say if you want a relationship. Ask for what you want. If someone can’t give you that to you walk away.

12. You fear rejection.

By standing in your own way you miss chances of anything good. Being turned down is what we all hate. Don’t refuse your chance. You have to try.

13. You don’t want to get hurt.

If you are closed and you don’t easily show your emotions how can someone love you? You need to put your walls down and allow someone to see what do you feel. Allow someone to get to know you.

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