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You Give Someone Else Chance To Treat Me The Way You Choose Not To

Written by Peggysue

For you, I always was an option, but for me, you always have been a priority.


I choose you to be my everything, to be my happiness. I choose you to give you my life.


And you choose me to be like others in your life.


You were lying to me constantly, without any biting conscience.


You were afraid to commit.


You were using me, physically and emotionally.


Sometimes you would leave me, and then return like nothing happened.


For you, I was just a game. You just were playing games with me and my feelings.


My heart broke into million pieces when you told me that you like me but not enough for something more.


For you was normal to not answer my calls, and do not respond to my messages. And I just was there staring at my phone, waiting and waiting.


All I ever wanted is a reason to stay with you. But you couldn’t give me just one, you couldn’t and you didn’t want to.


For you, I was like all other girls.


I was nothing, and you were my everything.


I would give my life for you. I was ready to forgive you everything.


And I forgive you all shit you were doing to me.


But darling, I am never, ever going to forgive you that you give someone else chance to treat me the way you choose not to.


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