I still love you, but we are never, ever going to be together again.


I do, I love you, but I’m smarter. Now I put myself on first place.


You are not all I see, not anymore.


I was stupid, and so in love with you. I was so naive.


But I’m not that girl anymore.


I will not you allow to broke me again.


We don’t exist anymore. Now it’s just you, and it’s just me.


We are past.


When I was with you I made myself smaller, to fit in your boy of a perfect girlfriend. You just were controlling me.


My entire self-worth was dependent on you.


I couldn’t make a decision without asking your opinion, and by the opinion I mean permission.


I felt worthless. I was living in your shadow.


I know that all and I still love you.


But I’m not going to be with you again.


I lived for you. But not anymore.


I have found my true self and I love her, more than I love you. So we are not going to be together.


No matter how much you beg me, no matter how many texts you send to me, there’s no place for you in my life.


You are still in my heart, but I will not allow you to be in my life again.


I don’t want to live that kind of life again.


I know how to live without you, so stay far away, and don’t dare to come back.