Why Travelling With Your Partner is Good for the Soul

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Wanderlust has captured us all. There’s so many beautiful places in the world to visit, and it’s hard to choose where to go. An easy choice should be your travel buddy – your partner. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a few months or for years on end, they’re a perfect choice of who to take. Here’s why.

1. It can be a great bonding experience

If you’ve not been dating for very long, a trip away can be a great way to get to know someone to the core. If you’re travelling as a duo, you spend an awful lot of time together, and it’s an opportunity to really get talking. From personal experience, I found that my partner of two years (at the time) held a lot back before we travelled together. I found out so much about him during that time, and it strengthened our relationship a lot. We’re still together to this day.

2. It’s an insight to the future

Travelling can be quite a big deal. It’s expensive, and requires hard work and money to get it arranged. It’s the sort of thing you can only do as you get older. If you and your partner have been together a while, it helps you deal with finance together, and shows what it’s like when you spend a lot of time together. Some couples barely see each other, with work and activities getting in the way. If you’re one of those couples, it’s likely you haven’t spent over a few days together on the run, let alone weeks or months. If so, travelling shows you what it would be like if you lived together, or saw each other more regularly. If you plan to be together for the long run, it’s a handy insight.

3. You have the most fun

There’s a reason you picked this person as your partner. You love them with all your heart, and you always have a good time with them. Going abroad together will only solidify that fact. You’ll take on new cultures, new languages and new experiences together. You’ll eat good food and drink together, and you’ll be able to party in somewhere new and exciting.

4. Travelling can be a spiritual experience

Depending on where you go, travelling can be very good for your soul, and bring you to a lot of realisations. There’s a reason people go on gap years to ‘find themselves.’ It may be a cliché, but the world has a lot to offer, and it can only be found if you go hunting for it. Doing this with your partner will help you connect on another level, and that can only be a good thing.

5. You and your partner have different strengths

You and your partner likely have a lot of different interests and talents, and this can really come in handy when you’re travelling. If you’re terrible with time management, your partner might be better at planning out your itinerary. If he’s bad at directions, you’ll likely be better at navigating your way around a new place. Whatever your weaknesses are, often your partner will be able to support you. If you’re both terrible at something, at least you’re in it together!

6. When you come home, you have a better idea of where you’re at

If you spent the whole trip arguing, maybe things aren’t going as smoothly as you thought. But if you had fun the entire time, it’s likely they’re a keeper. If your memories of the trip are full of good conversation, fun times and romantic encounters, then you know you’re in a good position. But even if the trip went badly, it’s not always a definitive sign you’re not made for each other! It might just mean you need to work on your communication, and smooth over the wrinkles in your relationship. Either way, travelling will let you see into the heart of your relationship.

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