I gave you my full attention. I longed for your texts. I cherished every word that you said to me.


I was so infatuated with you.


And you never believed in us.


You didn’t even care about me. You just were attracted to me. You liked my body. My lips. My hair. My eyes.


You liked the attention.


You didn’t like me.


I should have know better. I should have been smarter.


But I fall on your charming words and your beautiful smile.


Your eyes made my stomach dance and flip flop over and over again.


I fall for you just by looking into your eyes.


When I think about that, maybe it was lust.


But you had me.


You had all of me.


I gave you everything.


I wanted you to want me so badly. And I was begging, and asking, and begging again, but you didn’t.


But you are not here anymore.


And when you don’t have someone, when you lose them, you need to learn how to live again without them.


And I’m learning.


I need to find hope again.


I need to find light in my darkness.


I need to find myself again.


I know I will. You hurt me, you wounded me, you destroyed me but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


I will find my light.


I will kick you out from my heart, I promise.