I thought I lost you,  but then I realized that I never even had you.


For the first time in my life, I can tell that I loved someone. Truly. And I still do.


These are the words for my love, my soulmate, my murderer.
You killed me. You killed every cell of emotions in me.


You know, you don’t need any weapon to kill somebody, you just make them love you and leave.
Leave like nothing happened. Like they were just a moment of joy to you.
That is the worst way to kill a human being. Shooting him right in the heart would be much easier than grabbing it and taking it away with you.
But the most important thing I want to say in this letter is that I FORGIVE YOU.


I forgive you for taking my heart away from me and making me think that I was the one you were looking for.


I forgive you every sleepless night and every tear that come out of my eyes.
I don’t know if I would be able to move forward after you. You were giving me life.


With every your kiss you healed my marks that I had. With every your touch I was becoming more alive.


You were my escape from the real world because I never thought that I would find someone that I will keep loving more and more.


And right after I was sure that I would spend my life with you, I lost you.


You faded away like you were never here. And it hurts, like part of me is missing.


I hope you are happy with her. I don’t think that she will ever love you like I do. Actually, I am sure she won’t.


Just, it is too hard to say goodbye to the person that was not the part of my life. You were my life and this is my goodbye to you.


Goodbye to the moments I thought would never end.

Goodbye to the future I thought we had.


Goodbye to the person I thought completed me.


Goodbye to who I used to be, and hello to who I will be.