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I Deserve Someone Better Than You

Written by Peggysue

I deserve more. Now I know it.


You broke me, literally. The way you left me, destroyed me.


You left me, without a word.


And I was there alone. Left in darkness.


You gave me no closure.


I was stuck with the constant thought flowing through my head on what I did wrong.


What have I done to you?


Why did you leave?


Why did you choose to break me?


Why do you choose to live without me?


I lost my appetite, I lost the desire for life.


I couldn’t sleep because all my dreams were about you.


I couldn’t do anything because you were constantly on my mind.


I tortured myself. I cried. I was dead inside.


My soul was dead.


But for you, that wasn’t enough. You wanted to destroy me completely like you didn’t destroy me already.


Constantly you were coming back, without any intention to stay.


Every time I was stupid and believed that you will stay.


But you never stayed.


I was in the dark place. I was suicidal. All because of you.


But thank God I got out of that darkness.


I survived.


I survived you.


Now I know that I don’t deserve to be treated less than the treatment that I give.


I deserve more.


I deserve everything.


I deserve to live my life again.


And you don’t even deserve to be on my mind.






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