Having Doubts About Your Relationship Doesn’t Mean It Failed

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Your life is not set in stone, especially not in your 20s. You will feel confused and lost– all of us do. So, if you’re in a relationship and you’re questioning whether that’s the right place for you right now, you’re not alone.

Things never work out perfectly for any of us. Your partner brings them slightly closer to perfection, at least in the beginning of a new relationship. However, being madly in love doesn’t mean you’re 100% sure about what you’re doing. A lot of us have a strong fear of missing out. After all, there’s a whole world out there and you’re sitting on your couch drinking wine.

It gets more complicated. Your best friend tells you he’s in love with you for a long time, your relationship enters a steady phase and that becomes boring, you’re just a mess. Guess what? It’s okay. Take a deep breath and don’t assume you’re a bad person for questioning whether you’re at the right place.

You will enter phases full of doubts. You won’t be able to fall asleep at night, you’ll struggle with understanding yourself. Is your relationship strong enough to survive these phases? You’re the only person that knows this. Regardless, just the fact that you’re having doubts doesn’t make what you have now an instant failure.

It’s natural not to be sure the path you’ve chosen is the right one. There were no signs on the road and you picked one blindly- so ‘not knowing’ comes within that package you picked. Remind yourself of all the good things that came in the package, weigh pro’s and con’s and take your time to make a decision. Loving someone doesn’t mean you’re set for life. Relationships and commitment are a work in progress. Ultimately, are they that one person you want to see after a bad day? Good, then you’re still on the right track. If the answer is no, ask yourself why before freaking out.

The person behind the wheel is no one but you- so pick your turns and don’t worry, we’re all scared of the outcome. Being 100% sure is not likely to happen, so pick the higher percentage and make whatever road you’re on a learning experience.

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