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Dear Dad, I love You

Written by Peggysue

Dear dad, I love you


From the day I was born and until today, you have always been my hero. And will always be.


Thank you for being there when I was making my first steps. Thank you for teaching me my first words.


When nobody else was there, you were, and I want you to know that no man in this world can replace you.


You went through every of my heartbreaks that I had and thought me the most important things about life.


Dad, you were the first man I ever loved. You held me, played with me, supported me and let me grow.


Your patience, quiet notion of complete understanding and unwavering love made me the woman I am today. You believed in me first. You danced with me first.


You gave me all I could have ever needed because you gave me love. And by giving me love, you taught me what love is and also what it isn’t.


You showed me that love is being strong and humble, while also loving one’s self enough to reach for the stars.


Love is respect and support on all of the life’s endeavors. You’ve packed up that red truck and brought me to every new adventure my heart needed to go on.


You’ve held me tight and told me I could do anything.I know that in my heart there is no love like the first love, and that part of me will always belong to my dad.



I will love you forever.

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