5 Reasons Having a Little Brother Is the Best Thing Ever

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When you’re 5 years old it looks like the end of the world. Everyone is so happy for this new baby’s arrival and you’re devastated. In your 20s, you wouldn’t trade him for the world. Here are some reasons having a little brother is the best thing that ever happened to me (and to you).

  1. He’s always up for having fun!

Since day 1! Whether it’s about pulling a prank on someone or going places- you got your accomplice.

  1. You are free to be yourself.

There’s no one in this world who has seen my true self more often! Angry, happy, silly, sad- he’s seen it all.

  1. You get to see him grow!

This is the first person whose growing up process is influenced by you to a large extent. You get to participate in raising him and admiring a wonderful person he’s growing into.

  1. Movie marathons!

No matter what movie is it that you wanna see- he will be there to eat snacks and binge watch it by your side!

  1. He’s got your back!

Although he’s your little brother, he will be protective over you. Knowing there is someone who listens to your advices and believes in you makes this world a whole lot better!

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