Fake friends are often very well disguised. It can take time to uncover them, but often when you do, it’s best to cut the cord. With so many people to meet, there’s no time to waste on people who aren’t good for you. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you’re dealing with a fake friend.

1. They barely know anything about you

You know everything about them – you can practically read their mind. But when it comes to them, they have no clue about you. All of your inside jokes are based on their interests. They have no idea when it comes to buying you gifts, because they don’t know you well enough. They ‘forget’ things you’ve told them a million times, because really, they’re not listening. Fake friends only think about themselves.

2. They think their opinions are more important

If you find a guy cute and they don’t, they’re immediately off the table of possibility. If you’re having a debate, they tend to win, even if they’re wrong. They dismiss you half way through a point. It’s an unhealthy habit of someone who is fake, because they’re not looking for a friend – they’re looking for someone to nod their head and agree with them.

3. They give you bad advice

They encourage you to do stupid things when you’ve had a few drinks together, and then don’t take care of you. They tell you to cut a guy loose the second you have doubts. They tell you bad advice because it doesn’t matter to them what the outcome is for you – so long as you stick around for them.

4. They’re fun to be with, but they don’t listen

You’ve noticed that they’re great to hang out with, and you’re always laughing when they’re around, but when it comes to serious stuff, it’s always a step too far for them. They don’t want to hear about your worries, and they dismiss them when you bring them up. It’s great to be a fun person, but when they put that over being a good friend, it’s always a bad sign.

5. They make you feel alone

When you hang out with other people, you always feel a little pushed to the side. You truly know the feeling of three’s a crowd – they focus all their attention on the other person, and it makes you feel like you’re only there to take pictures of them together that they plaster all over social media. They never include you in their jokes or activities, and you end up on the sidelines.

6. They laugh every issue off

Life is a joke to them. They’ll tell you to stop crying over spilt milk – even if it’s something that’s really upset you. They don’t ever seem to have issues themselves, but the chances are, they just brush them under the carpet. Someone who can’t face their own problems is unlikely to be a supportive friend to you.

7. They care more about themselves than you

They cancel plans with you because they’ve had a better offer. They always ask how they look, but never compliment you back. They would happily steal a man from you if it meant they were happy. Their happiness always comes first for them, and you’ve found you would put their feelings first. That’s what real friends do, and ones that don’t aren’t worth your time.

8. They’re possessive

Whenever you want to hang out with your boyfriend or another friend, they suddenly take a lot more interest in you. They don’t want to treat you well, but they don’t want you to hang out with someone better than them. They recognise that you might be slipping away and suddenly, you have their undivided attention. As soon as the equilibrium slips for them, they grow very uncomfortable.

9. They have no personality

Fake friends are often lacking when it comes to personality. You talk a lot about the same things, and it often involves them bitching about people they don’t like. They have very negative outlooks on life, and tend to spend a lot of time putting others down to make themselves feel better. They probably talk about you behind your back because it comes easily to them. It’s just another day in the office for them.