Some Friendships Are Not Meant to Last a Lifetime, Let Go

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Some will stick with us for decades, others will be there this summer only—but whether they’re for a lifetime or for a season, friends are helping us grow. If there is one thing I wish I learned earlier, it would be knowing when to let go. Some people are not meant to be there for you every step of the way and accepting this is crucial for your own wellbeing.

Whether it’s a toxic friendship or simply one with an expiry date, there will be times when you should walk away. It took me a long time to understand this, you are not giving up on people- you simply have to leave.

We grow and change, different seasons of our lives will have different people crossing our paths. These people will have a myriad of habits we will inevitably fall in love with. However, time to let go might come and although it will feel awful at the moment- you’ll have to.

There are those who can move to the other side of the world and nothing will change. You both might suck at keeping in touch, but once you see each your talks will simply continue where they stopped.

On the other hand, people can change drastically over time. If they let go of everything you loved about them and they’re a whole new person once you two reconvene- you have a chance of creating a new friendship with this person who looks like your old friend but has an entirely different world in their eyes or letting go. Both are equally fine.

Sometimes, things won’t work out. Knowing those who will stay by your side and who will be there no matter what is a difficult process. Differentiating between acquaintances and friends is the first step. Letting go of toxic friendships is slightly harder but doable. By choosing to cut the contact you are not implying this person is not good enough, you’re simply acknowledging your relationship is toxic for either both of you or just one of you- and as such, it should stop or at least pause for a while.

Preserving memories on your friendship keeps what you had alive. Walking away sometimes doesn’t mean you’re giving up. You simply chose yourself over a lost battle. So, if you’re struggling with a toxic friendship that drains your energy and you’re sticking around for old times’ sake- this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. It’s okay to let go.

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