6 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Thinking

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Some of us are prone to negative thinking more than the others. We see little failures in all our big successes and we tend to believe in the worst outcomes possible. Sure, we are never delusional and won’t end up disappointed, but on the flip side- we also might never live up to our true potential because of all that negativity. You can be a realist while channeling your thoughts more positively. Here’s a few things you should consider:

  1. Forgive yourself

Yes, you made a mistake. So what? You can’t keep going back to that one thing you could have done better, dwelling on the past doesn’t get you anywhere. Make sure to acknowledge your mistake, learn from it and move on. This goes hand in hand with:

  1. Give yourself some credit

Not everything you do is a complete failure. You’ve done things right. Make sure to acknowledge these too, give yourself some credit for all you’ve done well!

  1. Surround yourself with people who think positively

They will encourage you to think differently, positivity is contagious!

  1. Read inspiring books and listen to uplifting music

There is so much out there and you will find something you like! Refresh your playlists and update your reading list!

  1. Start right now!

Delaying things won’t get you anywhere. You want a change? Make it happen! Start with these little steps and build on them, take control of your mind and don’t let yourself be a victim of your circumstances. You can’t do it on your own?

  1. Seek help!

Friends, family, professional help- build your support system. Negativity and “being realistic” often overlap but don’t let them become synonymous. Remember, you choose (and create) all the versions of yourself.

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