Can fighting really help you win every war? Many people believe that they need to fight in case of every little disagreement with their partner in order to earn their respect and affection. This is somewhat immature in the sense that it ignores the bigger picture of winning a battle and losing a war in the bargain. In other words, yes, fighting might help you in getting your partner reluctantly agree with your standpoint for the time-being but it results in a lack of mutual respect for each other in the long run.

Below given are 5 important reasons why fighting from the point of view of sustaining a relationship doesn’t make any sense:

  1. Love Cannot Be Forced:

When you get very angry and worked up, think about what you wish to fight for in the first place. Are you trying to demand love from him? Love is something he should be able to give you freely. It cannot be forced. Even if you do succeed at forcing him to love you, can you actually spend your entire life living with someone who is in it out of pity or fear and not really love for you? Don’t limit yourself by demanding forced attention and love out of anyone. Instead, focus on personal growth. Accept that not all relationships work out in the end; some are meant to help you divert all your energy towards developing your skills, your outlook towards life and your thought processes.

  1. Know That You are Dragging It:

Often, we find out more about a person after getting into a relationship with them. It is natural to like someone in the initial stages and then discover certain aspects of their personality that you find difficult to deal with. Don’t try to drag a relationship and get into constant fights with your partner when you know deep inside your heart that you no longer love them. Yes, it hurts to break a relationship that has become an inseparable part of your life, but it is going to hurt much more to live with the painful experience of fighting with him every day.

  1. It Only Results in More Stress:

Prolonged stress can eventually damage your physical, emotional and mental health. Why make yourself go through so much for one person? There exist people who love you, care about you and will always be there for you. Then why bring so much stress into your otherwise beautiful life? And that too, for nothing. If a relationship is causing more damage than happiness, then it’s time to take a break and think about whether you actually need it.

  1. He Will Continue To Do It Anyway:

Regardless of much you fight or cry over something, if he has been doing something wrong for a while now, none of your tears or arguments will suddenly transform him into what you want him to be. For example, if he is an alcohol addict and promises you every time after a fight that he will change, remember that he keeps relapsing not because he wants to cheat you but because he believes he has little control over his situation. The moment you realize that another person or substance or activity has taken complete charge of your partner’s life, it is time to walk away. There is nothing you can do that will change the situation.

  1. If You Love Him, You’ll Set Him Free:

It’s a popular saying reiterated in every television show and movie that when we love someone, we must set them free. Clinging to someone and forcing them to stay will bring neither love nor happiness. If it is time to leave the person you love or he wishes to leave you, then muster your courage to bid him adieu. Set him free completely. Maybe he wants to gain some more perspective about himself or about both of you. Maybe it was never meant to be. In any case, if you truly love him, then fighting with him over and over again and ruining all the wonderful memories of times spent together is the last thing you would do. Let him go. Sometime later in life, you will find someone who will love you the way you loved him.