10 Things We Wish Our Boyfriends Would Listen To

Written by Chloe M.

1. Make us feel safe – One of the most valuable aspects of a relationship is feeling safe with your other half. We’re not asking you to have confrontation after confrontation, but WE ARE asking for you to make sure that we feel safe when there’s a need to intervene. Little things like making sure to call us when we’re making a late night dash to the store or giving us a lift back when we call for your help – it all makes a difference. Be our knight in shining armor – we want to know we could count on you for anything.

2. We’re not pushovers – We’re not saying all men think this, but some definitely do. We will make ourselves heard and we will fight for what we deserve. Sometimes we have a weakness of letting men get away with things for too long but when we make our minds up its game over boys.

3. Sometimes we need reassurance – Girls get bouts of insecurity sometimes. ”Is this working?”, Does he really love me?’ and ‘Is he really serious about us?’ These are the most common questions that come to mind. Don’t shrug it off, give us the reassurance we need to feel secure.

4. Insecurity is normal – Everyone has pitfalls of self-confidence, yup, even men! So don’t roll your eyes when we’re not feeling our best or don’t feel as confident as we should. You’re not there to help her feel worse about herself, make sure she knows how great she is, she’ll only do the same for you!

5. We have high expectations – A girl who knows her worth will demand nothing less than she deserves. So expect nothing less than THIS. Respect, trust, honesty, value, and selflessness are the most important to us. And if that’s too much to ask for then you’re not the guy for us.

6. Periods suck more than you know – Girls aren’t faking it when they say they say they feel like crap when TOM (tom of the month) arrives. Stabbing cramps, bloating and generally feeling icky is not someone’s idea of a good time. Cut her some slack.

7. We need space too – We believe relationships stay strong when we dedicate time outside the relationship. Whether it’s friends, family or just getting some very much needed me time, women need their space too and so do you.

8. Money isn’t always in our brain – Some guys think that women find money so important. Well, that’s actually not true, there are way more important aspects in a relationship to us, such as your commitment to commitment, your loyalty, respect, and your trust in us. Those are only a few – money is nothing if you can’t have any of that. We don’t need your money to make us happy.

9. There’s a limit to everything – Women put up with things longer than they should, especially when they’re passionate about something, but don’t underestimate this as a weakness. When we know that walking away is stronger than holding on, we WILL walk away and we won’t come back

10. Be yourself around us – We want to love you for who you are. Being yourself and totally letting your guard down is really important to us. The good, the bad, the embarrassing – you name it – just be YOU. That’s what makes loving you so damn special. 

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Chloe M.