One day you are going to miss my smile and sound of my laugh. You will realize how was unfair to play with my emotions.


You are going to miss my everything.


I would give anything to be with you. I was willing to make it work, to make us work.


I loved every your flaw and imperfection. I saw you as nothing less than amazing. I wanted to learn everything about you, the good and the bad.


I was loyal to you. Never, ever I thought to cheat on you. I was yours wholly.


I was always full of positivity. I could make you feel as if nothing is impossible, no matter how ridiculous it may be.


I could’ve given you both unpredictability and stability.


I gave you all freedom. I didn’t want to be your whole world, I just wanted to be a part of it.


I loved your hobbies and wanted to be a part of them. I wanted to learn from you, and be your friend too.


I was the kind of person you can sit with and just be. Words weren’t necessary when we were together.


My kindness and thoughtfulness proved you that I cared about you.


You had the chance to be happy with me. I never wanted things to end. You chose cowardice over courage.


I was worth fighting for.


One day you will wish you hadn’t given up on me. But it will be too late.


You are going to miss me, but I’m not going to be there, not anymore.