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I Want Someone Who Would Never Think Of Giving Up

Written by Peggysue

After many breakups, after so many wrong guys in my life, I want a real love. I want that guy who will love me, and who will love me the way I’m.


I want someone who will now all my secrets and fears and still be by my side.


I just want someone to genuinely give a shit about me.


I want someone who wants to know everything about me like my favorite cereal, what color of underwar I like to wear, if I sleep with my door open or closed, or if I believe in next life, or heaven and hell.


I want someone who will be there when I’m moody af, who will understand my pms.


I want someone who will bring me breakfast and coffee in the bad.


Someone who will know what is my favorite movie, my favorite parfume, my favorite sweater.


I want someone who will be there when the sun is shining, but also when a thunderstorm is brewing inside of me.



I want someone who will spend all day in bed with me, beacause it’s raining outside. Someone who will bring me a pizza, or just come to see me for five minutes.


I want somone who will honor me, and someone who will not want to change me.


I want someone who will know how to deal with me and my insanity.


Someone who will be there for me no matter what.


Most of all, I think I want someone who would never think of giving up.



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