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I Love All About You, Because You Love All About Me

Written by Peggysue

You came into my life out of the blue, and I fall in love so fast. I just knew that you are the forever one.


I knew that you are my better half, and I knew that I am going to spend my life with you.


You quickly became my everything. First ‘I love you’ came really fast. I know that our last ‘ I love you’ will never come.


I love you in the morning, I love you messy hair, your sleepy eyes.


I love you all night when you are next to me in the bed.


I love you when you are tired, love you when you fall asleep on the sofa while we are watching tv.


I love you when you are moody when you hate all and everyone.


I loved you when you get fired. When you were desperate.


I loved you when you didn’t love yourself.


I love you when you are angry.


I just love you.


I love the way you walk, the way you talk.


I love your smile, your laugh, your voice, your eyes, your everything.


I love your hugs and kisses.


I love your smell.


I love your fears, your secrets.


I love every part of you.


I love all about you because you love all about me. And I will love you forever.




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