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Don’t Forget To Fall In Love With Yourself First

Written by Peggysue

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first, because loving yourself is a very important thing.


I didn’t love myself for years. I was destroyed, I was wounded, I was dead inside.


When my relationship ended, I didn’t know who I was, who I am, or who I am going to be.


All games, all drama took a life from me.


I was a victim in our relationship. He manipulated with me. I was ready to do whatever he said.


I was afraid of his leaving. I was afraid of loneliness.


I wasn’t ready to live on my own, I didn’t know how.


In one stage of my life, I wanted to be dead. I was lost.


I couldn’t find a reason to be alive. Without him, my life didn’t have a sense.



Now I know that our relationship wasn’t real, it was just the toxic one, where I ended up hurt.


I hated myself because he convinced me that something is wrong with me, that I’m the crazy one.


But now I know that there was something wrong with him.


He didn’t know how to love, how to care about someone, he knew just how to manipulate, how to be in charge of everything.


He wounded me like nobody before.


But in one moment I realized everything. I made the next move. I fall in love with myself again.


I put myself in the first place, and he was forgotten.



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