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You Hurt Me, And Then You Act Like I Hurt You

Written by Peggysue

You are the one who destroyed us, not me. You left because of some stupid reason. You break up with me over a message. And then you act like you are the one who is broken.


You have sinned, but sin was mine.


I tried hard as much as I could, to fix us. But that wasn’t enough for you.


I have called you over u hundred times, you never answer. I wrote you a billion times, but you didn’t reply on any of my messages.


You were pretending like you are the one who is hurt.


I tried to find you. I went from place to place,  just to see you, like a crazy one, but even then you didn’t want to talk.


I also tried through our common friends, but unsuccessful.


Then I stopped trying.


I was tired.


I could not fight for both of us.


Then, one day you have called me.


I couldn’t resist to come out with you.


I was stupid, I know.


But I believe that we are going to end up together.


You were the same. For you, everything was my fault. I wounded you, I was the reason for our breakup.


You didn’t even feel sorry.


For you, there wasn’t any chance to fix us.


For you, I made a horrible mistake.


For you, ‘we’ don’t exist anymore.


But now, after a while, I finally see that the problem wasn’t in me, you are the problem.


You hurt me, and then you act like I hurt you.


I don’t need you in my life anymore.


But I know, one day you will want to come back, but I will be all you have and you don’t have.




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