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Time Heals Everything, One Big Lie

Written by Peggysue

Time heals everything.


There’s always someone to tell us this stupid sentence.


They try to convince us that this is true, they try to convince us that time will heal everything.


To be honest, that time, when it’s about me, didn’t heal anything. Just screwed me more.


You left me long, long ago, and it still hurt.


I’m still broken.


I don’t know how to live without you.


Because of your leaving I hate Tuesdays, I hate fall, I hate rain, I hate everything that reminds me of that day. The day when you left.


When you left, everything changed.


I become another person.


I don’t laugh anymore.


I don’t go out.


I lose all my friends.


I’m moody af.


I hate everything.


I don’t have reason to live.


You took everything with you. You took my happiness, you took my life.


I want to hate you, because of you I’m in dark place, I have no life, but I can’t.


I love you as much as I loved you before.


And I think I always will.


You are still my favorite part of me.


And no matter how many years passes, time will not heal me.


So, please don’t lie to people that time heals everything.


Time doesn’t heal.


And never will.




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