Through past months I was thinking about you. Will I give you another chance or just stay away from you?


After we break up I was wounded, you wounded me. You apologize a billion times, and you have been there by my side, even though I didn’t want you here.


So, I decided to give you another chance, the last one. I love you, but I promise to you and to myself, if you hurt me this time, I will go forever.


Maybe this time you will remember to think before act.


Maybe this time, you will finally say the right thing at the right time and make me happy.


Maybe this time, you will finally understand that I’m not your enemy and that I’m that girl who is ready to give her life for you.


I hope that this time, maybe you will be more honest and that you are going to trust me, no matter what.


Maybe this time, you are going to finally understand that we are perfect for each other, that our love is real, that our ‘I love you’ honest and real.


Maybe this time you won’t mess things up. And I’m hoping that this time you are ready to be there for me, not just when you do something bad.


Maybe this time, you won’t leave me.


Maybe this time we will be happy as much as we deserve.