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I Loved You So Much, And You Have Destroyed Me

Written by Peggysue

Sometimes people ask me did I loved you. At the beginning, I didn’t want to answer. That question for me was just so stupid and ridiculous.


Of course, I loved him, you don’t give people you don’t love the power to destroy you.


And every word in that sentence is true. I loved you so much, and you have destroyed me.


But if I could go back in past, I would fell in love with you again, I would give you everything.


Even though you destroyed me, you destroyed me in the most beautiful way.


You weren’t good for me, you treated me in a way no one deserves to be treated, but I loved you.


I had the hardest time letting you go.


It was hard because I wasn’t ready to live without you. Without you, I didn’t know who I was.


It took me so long to get over you, because of the way you had manipulated me.


Because I was in an abusive relationship that took me away from everyone I loved.


After you, I was in such dark place.


I didn’t want to live without you, I didn’t know how to.


Sometimes I wanted to be dead.


I wanted to kill myself.


Because of you.


But I was fighting against myself.


I couldn’t allow you to take me the only thing that I had after you. My life.


I was fighting, crying, dying again and again, but I won.


Now I love my life more than anything.


I love myself.


I love everything except you.


And I am happy.


Without you.


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