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I Have Believed In You And You Betrayed Me

Written by Peggysue

I loved you more than I should. There are no words for the way I cared about you.


The love I had for you was enough for both of us, but now I know love doesn’t work like that.


I trusted you, I gave you everything I had, but for you, that wasn’t enough.


I fell in love, I fell into you, at first slowly then all at once.


I have believed in you, in love, in us. And you betrayed me. But I don’t hate you, I don’t blame you.


Someone said that real loves are the sad ones, I believe in that shit. My love was real, my everything was real, I loved you, but I ended in tears.


Maybe I should have walked away, I should have seen that you didn’t love me as much as I loved you.


But my heart wouldn’t listen, I was so drawn to you that I couldn’t see everything clearly.


I believed in us, but I wasn’t what you wanted? I know that now.


I was broken, but now I’m ok.


I moved on. I deleted you from my life.


I’m a different girl now, and I’m walking forward into the unknown and not looking back.


I’m no longer crying for someone like you, for someone who wouldn’t shed a tear for me.


This is me now, saying goodbye to you.

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