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I Barely Knew You, But You Hurt Me

Written by Peggysue

Before I met you I thought that I know what love is, or what feeling is to be loved. But when you came to my life everything changed.


You changed me.


But how time flies, I have to admit myself, that even when we were together I barely knew you. I just thought that I knew what love is.


For me, you were the kind of guy which I made in my head. But in reality, you weren’t that guy at all.


So, I was dating two guys, you, and version of you from my head.


I knew the little things you told me about yourself, your favorite movie, your favorite band, and things like that, but the other stuff, I never really know.


You are not here anymore, but every time my friends and I catch up, you somehow come up in conversation.



I barely knew you, but every time when I walk by that ‘our place’, I silently break down.I hate when anyone suggests we go there because I just hate that place, hate being there without you.


I ask myself if I barely even knew you, why did it hurt so badly when you left? That’s why I don’t like remembering you, because every time I think of you, I think of how you hurt me.


I’m still trying to understand how you succeed to wound me, even though I barely knew you.


And I keep asking myself, why I’m captured in that sentence ‘I barely knew you’ because you left me a long time ago.


It’s time to be cured of you.


I hope that I will be fine again, no matter that I barely knew you.

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