All of us in their life have been dating a good guy, but many of us were dating with a ‘fuck boys’. So here are a few things that await you if you fell in love with a ‘fuck boy’:


  1. He will seem different from the rest


  1. He probably will seem magical


  1. He will try to ‘buy’ you with that cute eye contact, and tiny kisses on your neck


  1. He will take you out when he wants, and when it is convenient for him


  1. He will do everything right, all his words will be right


  1. He will tell you how are you special, that you are different


  1. And you are going to believe him


  1. You will give him your heart


  1. He will make you feel like you are the only one


  1. Then you will be thinking that nothing can go wrong


  1. And one day he will give you blindsided break up.


  1. He doesn’t fall in love


  1. He doesn’t do commitment


  1. He will go and you will be hurt


So if you are dating a guy like this, just leave, because probably he is going to wound you.

Leave him before he leaves you.

Find a good guy and hope he will be the forever one.



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