Guys don’t like when we make generalizations about their gender.

Just as much as women, men don’t like being generalized.

They pretend they are tough, but actually, a lot of them are very emotional.

Just because they don’t show every emotion doesn’t mean they don’t have them. Society asks for them to be tough, to not show their emotions. “Men don’t cry.” But they are emotional. They have feelings.

And because of that, they don’t have the emotional support network like women do.

When guys are feeling sad they have to be tough or fake it. Society expects that from them. They don’t have our support system as much as they need.

Just because they are males they don’t have it easy.

We don’t know their struggles and what they’ve gone through. We shouldn’t make the judgment just because people have done that to us.

Guys would like to receive a compliment every once in a while.

They don’t receive compliments as much as women do. It is not like they don’t have confidence if we don’t give them compliments, but they would be full of confidence if we give them a compliment every once in a while.

They don’t like being body-shamed.

If it isn’t okay to comment a girl’s weight then why is it okay to do that to men? Saying something about the way they look physically still fucking riles them.

They mean exactly what they say.

When they say something 99% of the time they mean exactly what they say and no less or more.

Guys want us to tell what is wrong.

They don’t take hints well. We should stop beating around the bush and just tell them what’s wrong. There are a million things they do wrong and guessing at them is just incriminating themselves.

Sometimes, they wish we would make the first move.

We shouldn’t just stare at them because if it isn’t working, obviously they are not brave enough to come say hello. We should.

Guys can be insecure, too.

They want to be desired. They can be insecure, too.

Guys can’t read our minds.

Reading our minds is beyond their superpowers, even if they are kinda awesome.

They need some time alone.

For a healthy relationship, you both need to spend some time alone doing your own things. It is obsessive if you are trying to spend every moment with someone.

Guys want to feel like they matter.

They want some attention, too. They want to be told nice things, too.