I still remember how you and I met. It was the end of summer, I was hanging with my friends, then you and your team join us.


One of my friends introduced me to you, and that was it for that night.


After that, we were hanging out with others, so we became some kind of friends.


Sometimes we go out alone. You were funny and smart, we were spending really good time together.


We were talking about everything. You were talking about your ex girlfriend, how she hurt you, and other things like that.


Then I realize that I fell in love with you, but for you I was just a friend.


I didn’t tell you anything, I didn’t want to destroy our friendship.


It was so hard to be just friend to you. But I didn’t want to lose you, so I was there for you, as a friend.


Then one night, you kissed me. And again, and again. We weren’t just friends anymore. We were girlfriend and boyfriend.


We spent wonderful time together. You were everything I ever wished for.


I was so happy, I loved you so much.


I thought you were in love with me as much as I was in love with you.


But I was wrong, later I realized that you were just that kind of guy.


You left me, it hurt like you pulled my heart out.


It hurt.

Caring about you hurt.

Being your friend hurt.

Loving you hurt.

Letting you hurt.

Living without you hurt.


But I’m not sorry, I still wouldn’t take any of it back.