You were a big part of my life, I spent with you almost four years. And even now, although we are not together for several years, you are part of me.


Not the part you’re talking about, but the part which one you silently hate and you want to get rid of him, but you’re powerless. That part is deep inside you.


And you hate that stupid part, you hate him so much.


Sometimes when I start to think about you, and about that damn part, I cry. But not because I miss you, or still love you, just because my hate loves you.


I tried as hard as I could to forget you, maybe even forgive you, but I couldn’t. It couldn’t happen over a night.


Then I realize that I’m one strong woman. I didn’t die when you left me, so I can do everything.


That fight wasn’t easy. But from that fight, I had to come out as a winner. And that’s all that mattered.


I did not look at the way, it was important to just beat my feelings.


I went through hell. I cried, I suffered, and I died a couple times.


And suddenly I stopped giving a shit about you.


I bet this count as a win.


I don’t miss you anymore, I don’t want you to come back.


I don’t feel anything for you.


I’m cured.


One day, that one part which is still in me, will be defeated, and the last part of you will die, I promise.