When Your Life Turned Upside Down You Became Stronger

Written by Chloe M.

When your life turned upside down you became stronger.

During the worst of times, you will realize who is really there for you. Being there for someone when everything is right is easy, but when it gets harder the people who stay with you are the people who really matter. You wouldn’t know who those people are without going through tough times. You can see exactly who stays and who disappears.

It makes you realize how much you can withstand. We don’t know exactly how much we are capable of until worst times. Difficult times teach us how resilient we actually are.

You are finally ready to make changes. You are looking at those times like opportunity to take the chances and finally, make a move. It gives you the motivation to make significant changes because you have so much more to gain and so much less to lose.

Tough times provides you with a sense of compassion. When you went through the worst, you will remember how it feels like. You become empathic toward others who are struggling.

When you lose everything you realize how much you still have left. We never end up losing everything. You are always left with a few core strengths. And those things take us much further than we have expected. The more chaotic our lives become, the more those core strengths rise up to meet the challenge. We all have a core set of natural skills that never leave us.

When you want to start your life you are building the strongest, firmest foundation imaginable, based on only what really matters. You know what you really want because you became strong enough. You are getting rid the unnecessary bullshit from your life. And you are left to deal only with true issues.

Hardship brings people together immeasurable.

It brings you closer to the people who really matter. The bonds you form with people during the worst and messiest periods of your life will be unmatchable.

We are the one who is going to put our broken lives back together. It’s always going to be up to us no matter how much help we have from others. We are forced to fight for ourselves. Something that never leaves us is the resilience we foster in the process.

You learn to appreciate the good times after a period of struggle. Because you know that all that you have could fall apart. That it won’t necessarily last forever.

When everything else is falling apart we are offered the opportunity to step outside of our routine and evaluate it for what it is. It gives us a new perspective on the life that we have been living for so long. We examine the lifestyle we are living and whether or not it serves us.

The life turned upside down makes us understand how little we need to build ourselves back up. It turns out that things we rely on aren’t that necessary than we thought they are. It makes us realize how little we can survive without.

When it comes to chaos in our lives we are forced to grow into people that we’ve never been. It forces us to grow into a new, bigger versions of ourselves. Those new versions are stronger and better. They are more capable than we have ever had to be.

The fear of your life falling apart again disappears when you realize what are you capable of. You become confident because you know that you can deal the worst and you don’t have to be prepared for it. It provides you with a sense of inner confidence that never goes away.

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Chloe M.