10 Things to Know When You Are Dating an Independent Girl

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Gone are the days when girls were the damsels in distress in a relationship and expected guys to come to their rescue.

Yes, we all have come across that one girl in our group who would go something like – “Can you come to pick me up please? I hate booking cabs.” But recently, I have seen a general interest among guys to date a woman who has an identity she is confident of expressing and an independent personality which reflects in all her choices, decisions and actions.

However, men are still a little less-equipped to understand what goes on inside the fascinating mind of a free woman. Well, below given are 10 important pointers to keep in mind when dating an independent girl:

1. She might want to take things slow, especially in the beginning of her relationship with you, since she is not used to getting all the attention she is getting from you.

Please don’t let this discourage you into thinking that she doesn’t like you. Taking things steadily means she is serious about it!

2. She will ask for some confirmation or clarification about your feelings for her once in a while. This does not mean she is finding it difficult to trust you.

3. She just feels the need to stay grounded; to know for sure that everything she thinks you feel about her is true and not some cooked-up story in her head.

4. It will be difficult for her to accept help from you. She is used to getting things done all by herself, regardless of how easy or difficult they might seem. It will take time for her to understand that you simply want to help her out and not make her dependent on you.

5. Some men find it a bit unsettling to see their date taking decisions and carrying out activities without their knowledge. Don’t take this personally. She is not trying to keep you out of the picture.

She has learned to live that way – doing things without having a prior discussion with anyone about it.

6. Don’t get intimidated by her apparent, powerful personality. This is the way she is to people she’s not yet close to. Spend a few dates with her before judging her. You’ll be surprised to know how much fun and soft-hearted she is once you get to know her!

7. She will be stubborn at times and will want to get things done her way. You are a new person in her life and she needs time to get used to the idea of sharing thoughts and ideas with you before executing them.

You can weigh the pros and cons of different situations and let her win in some while refusing to budge in others.

8. She will try to conceal her weakness and her vulnerabilities for a long time. And when she does share these with you, she will feel exposed. Comfort and assure her in every possible way you can.

This phase is a beautiful milestone you have reached in your relationship, which will stay etched in your mind for years to come.

There will be times when you see her pulling away or holding back. Chances are she has begun to realize that she likes you and this new piece of information is taking time for her to assess.

9. She wants to stay guarded and won’t disclose too much too soon. She wants to see if you are worth opening up to. She is definitely hoping that you are.

10. She will be hesitant to both experience and accept love. She will be scared to get hurt or hurt you once you are serious about each other.

The fear is very much there; it’s genuine, it’s real and it governs all her responses towards you. And hence, the deceptive shell of being a strong-headed woman.

This bold appearance, in fact, serves to protect a beautiful and sensitive heart, which you will discover once you know her well.

An independent girl is used to thinking and living on her own terms and conditions. That is her happy place, her comfort zone.

She will take time to admit that she likes you or loves you but once she does, it will change the equation of your relationship forever. Until then, stay patient and think about how these independent traits attracted you to her in the first place!

10 Things to Know When You Are Dating an Independent Girl

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