As I was driving to work this morning at around 7a.m, and one particular song kept ringing in my head “Unconditional Love” by Tupac Amaru Shakur a music legend. This song kept on tormenting me all through the 30 minutes long drive to my office. As soon as I got to my desk space, I knew I was to deal with my inner disturbance before setting my desk for the day’s business. Out of rage, I turned to my computer and with the flash of lighting, I was already surfing the internet in search of this lovely music. After few seconds, I got a hold on it within few minutes, it was already blaring out of the speakers attached to my desktop computer. Ah! What a relieve I heaved. I was like an addict who, after 7 months of deprivation, was allowed to indulge once again. Then I took it to the next level and overdosed on it. I listened to it over and over again. Suddenly it dawned on me, that I needed to do something special for my mom, I needed to make her understand how much I love and cherish her, how much I appreciate her in my life.

Mom, telling you much I value and love you over and over again wouldn’t just be enough. Therefore I have decided to crave out this precious time out of my tight schedule just to put these pieces of well structured words to express how much I love you.

It is absolutely funny how the best gift in my life was passed down to me on a golden plate.  O yea! My mom is a golden gift and I am totally blessed to have her in my life.

I did nothing to deserve you my dearest mom. Most times, I wish I could spend the whole day with you singing repeatedly into your ears how much I cherish and love you. Silver or gold have I none mom, but my love for you is exceptional and unconditional.

They say no mother comes in a complete package, but I am yet to see anything in you that spell INCOMPLETENESS. You are a perfect mother, a perfect woman, a perfect mom, a perfect mama, a perfect momma, and a perfect living soul.

Of all the moms in the world, am so lucky to have you as my mom, I can’t trade you for anything in the whole wide world for you are priceless.

You carried me for nine solid months, and brought me into this world. I am glad it was you who were chosen to perform this lovely task, for there could never be any like you.

I wish there was something I could do, to make you understand how much I appreciate your kindness and love towards me, but all I want to say is I love you.  I am forever indebted to you and l am proud to call you my mom.

Mom you nurtured me, provided for me, went extra miles to ensure that I and my siblings had the best type of education, the best of cloths, the best of meals, the best of vacations, and best of every best. Oh! My sweet mom I love you unconditionally.

Mama, you are an ideal woman, a woman of great virtue, who always puts her children’s welfare above hers. I will forever love you mom.

You have always been there for me, from nurturing me as a baby, to seeing me through my teenage years and up till this very moment..

From the moment you conceived me, you have always been by my side, despite my wrongs. You have taught me how to be tolerating, patient, hardworking and above all loving. Momma, I am so grateful and I love you even more for these great qualities you inculcated in me.

You will forever remain my irreplaceable mom. I might not really show you how great my love for you is, but I need you to understand that I love you, more than you can ever imagine.

You are my jewel of inestimable value, I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. I am absolutely satisfied with you. I love you my adorable mom, more than you can ever imagine.

Even through your difficult times, you always put up a smile. That smile of assurance that everything will be ok. That smile which still keeps me going and see me through every difficult situation. I love you mom.

You have been there to see me through success and failure, through thick and thin, I just want to say am grateful mom. You are simply the best.

No one ever knows me better than you do, not even my wife, kids, friends, siblings, colleagues or my dad, making you the most superior human being in my life.

It sounds so absurd and weird hearing people say they wouldn’t want to be anything like their mom owing to various reasons known to them, but mom I would trade anything in the world just to be like you.

I pretty much understand there are things I had done in the past that did hurt you, things I did knowingly and out of my ignorance just to hurt you, please do find a place in your lovely heart to forgive me for I love you mom, unconditionally. I can’t trade you for anything in the world.

No water or liquid can extinguish this burning love which I have for you, for it is deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains, and brighter than the sun.

Irrespective of my tight schedules and engagements, always remember that you are my morning star.

Thanks a lot for these wonderful years of love, care, tolerance, and understanding. Only the heavens can commune how much I cherish all these and how much I love you. If I were to return again to this lovely world, I would choose to return as your son because your love knows no bounds.

I love you Mom, unconditionally.