How to Escape Your Comfort Zone(s) and Why

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There’s a whole science behind it. Psychology deals with defining it and understanding our behavioral patterns. We, on the other hand, simply get stuck in it and it becomes a lifestyle.

You see all these motivational tumblr posts that invite you to get out of your comfort zones and at times you wonder why. It’s comfy in there, isn’t it? Your anxiety levels are low, it’s all so predictable and habitual, yet there’s a whole world out there waiting for you to notice.

Why Should I Break out?

  1. Changes will inevitably come, and it will become easier to adapt with time.

Yes, sometimes it sucks to change your habits. Your refusal to do so, however, will get you stuck in both space and time. The longer you stay in the same place, the bigger your fear of moving out of it. Once you break out and experience goodbyes, new environments, cultural shocks- these concepts become your reality and they are not as scary anymore. You learn how to deal with them.

  1. There’s so much to explore!

Whether it’s as simple as ordering the same thing wherever you eat or as complicated as refusing to move continents- you’re missing out. Sooner or later, you will have to change some things or the changes will come. People will leave, things will fall apart, new experiences will inevitably come your way- so why not make a conscious decision to change things rather than waiting in fear?

  1. You’ll be more productive, more ambitious and more creative

You probably heard multiple times that nothing ever grows in a comfort zone. You can disagree but you can’t deny the fact that comfort kills your ambition and motivation for progress. Why would I reach out for more if I have enough? Well, getting out of your comfort zone will spark your creativity, expand your knowledge, bring new experiences. Are you sure you want to make a conscious choice to stop improving yourself?

How do I break out?

  1. Acknowledge that you have multiple comfort zones, and take it one step at a time

Call your comfort zones by their names. No, you don’t have to impulsively decide you want to move to Japan tomorrow and start packing today. We form multiple comfort zones so start with smaller things. One step at a time;

  1. Order a new meal in that restaurant where they know your order by heart

(Change in everyday activities? Perfect place to start!)

Yes, you’re hungry and you don’t want to risk it. But what if you’ve been eating a mediocre meal this whole time but you simply didn’t know because you refused to try something else? It’s little things like these that make you realize you can get out of the imaginary boundaries in your mind.

  1. Trust yourself

If you’re overwhelmed with someone’s behavior, take a break. Don’t overthink and weigh all the reasons why you should or shouldn’t. There will be times where you should do as you feel, not as you think it should be done after a few sleepless nights.

  1. Evaluate your decisions

Make sure to acknowledge all your successes and do things despite the fear they won’t turn out fine. The world is waiting for you to find courage and break free. Even attempting to do so is brave. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all.

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