10 Things Men Notice About You without Your Knowledge

Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

Ever wondered why he you looked at you like that and suddenly became quite? And when you asked him about it, he simply brushed it off saying it was nothing. Well, ladies, time to unfold the mystery. The sudden bouts of attention you get when you are with your date is not the only time your date is noticing things about you. contrary to common belief, men are much more inquisitive and observant about women. They like to understand the most trivial things about you and even remember these to help them create a complete picture of your personality in their head. Below given is a list of 10 things your guy notices about you without your knowledge.

  • What’s Your Color:

Whether you like it or not, it is true that the colors we wear speak volumes about our personality. Women cannot be expected to match their outfit color to that of their partner and hence, it is always the other way round. After a few dates, your guy will have some idea about your dressing style and he might go the extra mile in trying to match his dress color with yours. Ladies, if he does that, you are in pure luck! Don’t be hesitant to compliment him for both understanding your dressing style and for taking that extra effort to wear a color of your choice.

  • Makeup or No Makeup:

This is a toughie. There’s no definite answer to the question – Do men like women who wear makeup? Some men like it because it shows the extra time and effort their date took to meet them. It makes them look at the relationship in a special way. For some others, too much makeup can be off-putting and you will hear them repeat time and again – “I like you the way you are. You look perfect!” But they will definitely have a take on it. So there’s no getting away from that!

  • Body Language:

Action speaks louder than words. Research shows that there are certain universal gestures and expressions that are common across all cultures and countries in terms of the emotions they express such as happiness, anger, sadness, and so on. However, while some body language is universal, some of it is culturally unique and some is unique to each individual. Men, often, tend to read their partner’s body language accurately and respond accordingly. Many caring men will check verbally with you for confirmation and then respond in a sensitive manner.

  • What and How You Eat:

Most men prefer women who don’t try to conceal their eating habits. They want to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals when they are with their date and not go through some unwanted stress of being judged on what and how they eat. This is precisely why they might notice these very things about you. Just be confident and order what you would normally eat.

  • Choice of Beverage:

Men will not only notice your taste in food but also what you like to drink. Do you like a sip of white wine when you are upset? Do you prefer red wine with dinner? Do you often order gin and tonic when partying with your colleagues? These are questions you might not have clear answers to but your date will definitely have. Guys like to have this knowledge so they can order for us and they can also tell, after a period of time, how different beverages affect our mood.

  • Nail Polish or No Nail Polish:

A very common request you will hear from your guy is to wear nail polish. I guess it is a safe territory for them to explore whether or not you like to listen to their small requests and if yes, then how often do you do it. If your guy is more specific, he will also tell you what color looks good on you and see if you will wear it the next time you meet. Sometimes, wearing a color of their choice makes us feel good because we know they will like it and what’s the harm really? We end up earning some gold stars!

  • Your Quirks:

Life would be mind-numbingly boring if we all had the same dull personality and lead the same monotonous life. We all like to jazz it up a bit by hanging out with people with some quirk or the other. Now imagine dating one. It’s the same for men. Men admire women who have certain idiosyncrasies and flaunts them confidently. Some men adore women with a sarcastic sense of humor while others fall for the awfully organized ones. The key is to be your confident self and date someone who loves that unique quirkiness about you.

  • What You Need versus What You Want:

Men have this knack of telling when you are fantasizing and when you actually need something. All of this is the result of listening to us intently every time we talk and understanding things we want, things we need, things we yearn for and things we regret not having. They have an excellent sense of judgment that helps them decide how to best spend all the hard-earned money in a way that keeps their woman happy.

  • Your Smile:

Smile is one of the first and the most memorable things a guy will notice about you. when asked questions about beauty, many guys emphasize the beautiful smile of their partner as being their most attractive feature. So floss your teeth and give a warm, whole-hearted smile next time you meet him to see him go weak in the knees.

  • Activities You Prefer Over Others:

Some men will want to take you out surfing or hiking or on a wilderness trail to see if you are passionate about certain activities, if you like to play a certain kind of sport and how much you are willing to push yourself to match their preference for certain activates. While this might look like a strange thing to do, it actually helps in understanding each other better in situations other than walks, dinner, and movies.


10 Things Men Notice About You without Your Knowledge