Swipe Right and Tell Me All About Your Feelings: Online Dating

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I already wrote about the downsides of modern dating in “Swipe Right and Don’t Talk about Your Feelings: Why Modern Dating Sucks.” However, there are two sides to every story and online dating is not the worst thing you can choose!

It can be both fun and constructive. Yes, I am beyond frustrated that our digital society moved all its communication online and I do miss old-fashioned dates where you two connect through a mutual friend and go for a 4-hour long coffee.

I do hate the age where we have each other’s life highlights accessible through Instagram and Facebook and we don’t get to talk about things as much. However, let’s face it- online dating has its good sides!

Whether we like it or not, we live in a fast-moving society where information travels at incredible speeds. We often find ourselves not having enough time for ourselves.

Online dating opens a door into more possibilities and more connections, where we can take a shortcut and find people who have the same passions and expectations as we do- waiting for us just one click away!

People visit online dating applications and websites for all sorts of purposes and while some look for a casual hook up, others have tried everything else and this is their new hope they will find something meaningful.

Some visit these networks just for fun, having no goal in mind. And believe it or not- it works.

Of course, it will be hard to explain it to your parents and it might sound weird saying it out loud- but here you are, dating a funny and charming person who happened to be on Tinder and not in a restaurant you went to with your friends.

That doesn’t make them any less weird. You found this person through a somewhat new and still controversial medium which challenges our traditional notion of romance, so what?

Yes, dating websites and applications can be scary and people might offend you just because the nature of this platform makes it easier to detach from a person behind the screen, but it can also work out!

So, if you are an active user and if you found what you were looking for- there’s no need to lie about where you two met. The important thing is that you did meet and that you made it to where you are now.

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