Dear generation of mine,
I write this, because as the whole world knows- that’s the way we communicate. We text rather
than talk, we can be really [and I mean reaaaally] awkward and we waste our lives staring at
our phones. So be it. Don’t feel bad about it, we are just adapting to our surroundings. So here
are some things I want you to know;
1. It’s okay you want to take pictures pretty much all the time and everywhere
Yes, I see the point behind you waste time capturing moments rather than enjoying them, but this might
be just a different form of enjoying a moment. Own it. No, don’t spend all your time behind the screen
checking all the meme updates on your social media platforms- you can really do that later. But do take
pictures! Lots of pictures. Selfies. Fake spontaneous candid shots. This is your way to preserve the
moment and you’re having fun while doing it! Just because smartphones were not there when your
parents were creating their definition of “having fun” doesn’t mean you must restrain from using them
2. Claim your online dating, there’s nothing to be ashamed of!
I do have a lot of problems with Tinder and the lack of interpersonal communication, but to be fair-
online dating is a great innovation! There’s a bunch of people with tastes just like yours, waiting behind
the other screen, a swipe away. Yes, we misused this application a lot and it’s not the best thing that
happened to the world- but if you happen to find someone amazing and you guys start dating don’t lie
about where you met! Your life doesn’t have to resemble a romantic Hollywood movie made back in the
1990’s. It’s pretty cool you met someone online and now you’re celebrating your third anniversary, if
you ask me!

3. Be aware of your advantages and use them
Yes, we do waste a lot of time on technology. Our parents lament about our “lost childhoods” and hours
spent on video games. It’s not all that dark though! We are the generation that keeps up with all the
changes in technological advances. We adapt easily, we learn fast, we are eager to know more. Next
time a 40-year- old makes a joke about you “having no life”, remember that your responsiveness to quick
changes in technological advances is an advantage. Also, you’re one click away from pretty much
anything you want to know. You have access to so many things, not only you have a life, it’s also a pretty
great one!

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