15 Little Reminders Every Woman Needs to Hear

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You live in the age where ads about beauty products play on our insecurities, where when thinking of beauty; we rarely think of a few extra pounds, where there is so much pressure to succeed. So, congratulations! You already have it hard enough. Cheer for yourself from time to time and read this list over and over again.
1. Be a Feminist!
This term is often equated with “extreme feminism.” Be sure to understand it as way more than that, and own it! No, we are not in a battle against men, we are all fighting for the same thing. Equality is not extreme.
2. See women around you as your allies, not your competition.
We all know how it feels when they try to “put you in place.” Empower other ladies around you, don’t try to put them down.
3. You are beautiful!
Believe it! Beauty comes in so many different forms and it’s not only found on magazine covers.
4. Eat healthy and get enough sleep.
This sounds like an advice your mom would give, but please try to get enough sleep and eat healthy! This is forever important.
5. Be gentle to yourself!
You are your best friend. Yes, constructive criticism is much needed but don’t judge yourself too harshly.

6. Don’t settle for anything, ever.
There are so many expectations. Don’t accept mediocrity just because you are pressured to fit in. If it doesn’t make you happy- it’s not worth it.
7. Eat that cake!
Seriously, don’t spend your whole life counting calories.
8. Don’t ditch your girlfriends to hang out with that new guy!
We tend to fall for our new relationships and fall out of our friendships sometimes. Don’t forget who was always there and who will be if this doesn’t work out.
9. Your body shape doesn’t define you!
As simple as that.
10. If their joke is not funny- you don’t have to laugh.
I still think “bitchface” is a term created by someone who was pissed that women don’t smile all the time. Well, you don’t need to be smiling all the time!
11. Stay safe! You are strong and brilliant but no matter what, some men will see you as a prey.
Acknowledge the existence of inequality. Not all men are the same, but some of them do perceive women as their property. It’s never your fault that this happens.
12. Makeup is okay, wear as much as you want- or don’t.
It’s all up to you. There is no such a thing as “too much” or “too little.” Do what makes you happy.
13. You are never too much, if they can’t handle you- they’re not enough!
It’s not you. You don’t have to shrink in size to be enough for other people. If they think you’re too much to handle- they are not worth your time.
14. Don’t doubt yourself!
You will often be told that you can’t do certain things, that you’re not qualified enough, that you’re a woman. Believe in yourself when others fail to do so and show them you can.
15. You made it this far, don’t give up now!
We all feel like giving up sometimes. Don’t. Look back, acknowledge your successes and keep going!

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