Have you ever talked to someone who hasn’t seen you in a while and their “You’ve changed so
much” left you confused? We are stuck with ourselves and as astonishing as our growth is, we are too
focused on what’s about to come next to pause for a moment and acknowledge it. You’re not the same
person you were yesterday; not to mention how much you’ve changed since you first came to college, or
graduated high school, or started your new job. So, why not add a little confetti to all your
accomplishments and reflect on your personal growth?
1. Write a Letter to Your Future Self
I mean it. Sit down and write a letter. Write down all your feelings and thoughts, write about
your fears and write about what makes you happy. Write to the person you want to be in the future.
Give them advices, remind them of who they are now- at this moment. Pick a date to open the letter-
whether it’s in a year, two years, five years. Open it once you’ve accomplished something. Open it on
the date of your graduation, the date of your engagement, two months into that job you finally got.
Write about anything and everything. I promise reading that letter will be a learning process. Have you
ever read your old diary entries and you laughed at all the things that used to cause so many sleepless
nights? Well, why stop doing it just because you’re a few years older?

2. Make a bucketlist!
It sounds so millennial and mainstream, but why not? Mark down all the things you want to do,
whether they seem doable or not to the person you are now. You never know where will your path lead
you. Once you put a checkbox next to that trip you thought you would never go to, you will have a
written proof of how far you’ve come. Celebrate it.
3. Talk to people who know you best
And yes, by this I also mean listen to your mom’s monologues about how she dropped you off to
school the first day and thought you would never make it on your own and look at you now. These might
seem silly but looking back and acknowledging all your milestones raises your self-awareness level. It
helps when people you care about acknowledge them too.
4. Find time for yourself!
To do any of these- you’ll need to find time for yourself. Learn how not to be bored when you’re
alone. We often see self-reflection as a waste of our time and writing letters to ourselves as the most
immature thing one could do. Changing this attitude will help you acknowledge your growth. There’s
nothing wrong in applauding yourself for all the things that went well so far. You will gain way more self-
confidence once you start perceiving yourself as a wonderful project in becoming. What are you waiting


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