Communication is Sexy: What are We?

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You went out on a couple of dates and the chemistry is there. You can’t stop thinking about
them. Now what? You don’t want to scare them off and you are told to just “go with the flow.”
Every new thing is confusing and taking it slow is probably the best thing you can do, but don’t
take it slow by avoiding important conversations.
1. What are your expectations?
Your dates might be a-h- mazing and you are clearly comfortable around each other, but the
“What are We?” talk must come sooner or later. If you wrap it up in a nice “What are your expectations”
talk, it won’t scare them off. You have to make sure you are both on the same page before this goes on.
If you are all in for a relationship but your new crush is not at all- you both have some decisions to make.
On the other hand, if you are both just letting it be and you have no expectations whatsoever– green
light, go on! Whatever the outcome is, having this conversation will help you form your own
expectations and understand the ones from the other side. You’re in this together.
2. Talk about sex!
Whether you’re ready or not, whether you choose to have sex or not- it is important to talk
about it. If you’re both ready, talking about your STD history and protection is important! Yes, it might
be awkward but you don’t want to risk your health just to appear cool and chill to someone you don’t
even know that well. Ask.
3. Understand your feelings
Whether you are falling in love or you’re just having fun, take time to think about how you feel.
Don’t push it aside and don’t justify their bad habits. These will annoy you more with time. If they don’t communicate- tell them that. If they are too clingy- talk about it. Put yourself first. You just met them,
let them earn your trust. Speaking of trust…
4. Define cheating
Believe it or not- we all have different definitions of cheating. For some, flirting is okay. For others, it’s a
no-go- zone. Whether you decide to see other people or not, talk about it. They could do something
foolish just because they didn’t know it would bother you.
5. Be your own priority
Yes, let them in your life but don’t let them rule over it. This seems so simple yet we all need constant
reminders about it. Don’t throw away all your habits because someone new is there now. You had a life
before them and they should add to it, not replace it!

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