You’re excited to move and explore this brand-new environment, eager to learn and reach for
the stars. The truth is, while college will be life-changing- it won’t come out of nowhere and we often
entertain the idea that a big change will be hiding behind a corner. So here are some things you might
want to know.
1. You might feel like you don’t belong at times, it’s normal
Whether you are a member of fraternity/sorority, your school’s football team or simply have friends at
attending your college, you will feel alone at times. Whenever that happens, remind yourself it’s a
temporary feeling and it doesn’t define you.
2. You won’t leave high school drama behind you
Whether you like it or not, you are still the same person you were when you moved to your new dorm a
month ago. That also mean people you will interact with are likely to be like the people you’ve
encountered in your high school. Being a freshman in college is challenging, and you will grow through
this process- but nothing big is likely happen just because you packed your bags and moved- give it time.
3. You’ll need to take time management seriously!
College life can be fun and there will always be people who want to party it up. Make sure you balance
between your personal and your academic growth! The key is to find your own pace that allows for both
having fun and studying. Any of the two extremes is unhealthy- don’t underestimate this statement!

4. You’re forced into independence and decision making
This might be the most important part. You are free to do anything you want and college experiences
forces you to make decisions- including how often you’ll do your laundry, how will you manage your
money, how and where will you spend your free time. All these are extremely important!
5. You’ll meet your true self
You’ll be finding yourself, both academically and personally. Be open to new things and learn from
them. You will come out of this wiser!


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