Your Facebook feed must be overwhelming with all the wedding and engagement photos. Your
friends and family often open the topic, expecting you to magically change your mind, start a family and
have children soon. Every “I don’t want to get married” ever said was met with at least one “You’ll
change your mind over time” statement. You know you won’t change your mind? That’s absolutely okay,
and here are five reasons why.
1. It’s nobody’s business but yours
Sure, everyone will have their opinion and many will try to change your mind, but at the end of the day
you are stuck with yourself. If the person you see in the mirror every day is sure marriage is not their
thing, listen to them and not to what others think it’s right.
2. Marriage is an institution
People often forget marriage is an institution created by [flawed] humans and some of us simply don’t
find it appealing. If you don’t need a paper to crown your relationship, and more importantly, if you
don’t want that piece of paper- don’t do it. There are other ways to show your commitment that don’t
require a stressful legal procedure in case things don’t work out.


3. There are other ways to be happy
We have this idea in our minds that marriage is a synonym for fulfillment. It might be, but there are
other fulfilling things and a myriad of other paths you can chose. Being alone is not the worst thing in
the world, being lonely is. To be honest, you can feel lonely regardless of your marital status.
4. You don’t have to live by any conventional norms
Yes, it seems like a “normal” path your life should take. Getting married and having children is still
praised in our society. Sure, that’s wonderful, but don’t forget “normal” is a social construct and you can
reinvent it for yourself. You can still have long-term relationships and bonds, you can still have children.
Marriage is not a precondition for a “normal life.”
5. You’re just being loyal to yourself
Are you getting married just because it seems like a right thing to do? Don’t. It should FEEL like a right
thing to do. If it doesn’t, you’re doing what’s best for you. And that’s brave, don’t ever forget that. So
yes, there will be a lot of pressure, but it’s your life after all! Make yourself proud first.

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