20-Something, 20 Everything: Radical Changes Are OKAY!

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I tried fighting it and being more consistent. I tried explaining it to both others and myself and I just recently grew okay with it: This is our time for radical changes. Seriously, you’re a 20-something who wants to explore the world and you don’t have to know what you want all the time.

We all have those friends who have it all figured out. They knew what they wanted since the age of 12, have probably settled down by now and their breathtaking wedding pictures make the rest of us rethink all our life choices. If you’re that friend, prompts to you! If that’s what makes you happy, you go honey!

Some of us, however, struggle with seemingly easy everyday decisions and still feel like putting on a shirt with a huge print that reads “I CAN NOT adult today!” If you’re THIS type don’t you worry, so many out here feel your pain.
I felt like going out every day for a month or so. I mean it, every single day. I made friendships with people like myself at the time, I partied like crazy and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Now, however, I would rather be curled up in a blanket catching up on my favorite TV show and drinking wine with my boyfriend. A year ago, I would call myself everything but a relationship-type. A year later, here I am, in a happy relationship that makes me feel good about myself. There is no guarantee I won’t change again. Things change. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain to people around you that you don’t feel like drinking shots on a Thirsty Thursday and that you just want to stay home and watch cat videos on Instagram. It’s equally hard to explain to your stay-at- home buddies that you want to throw a crop-top on and go drink after months (sometimes even years) of sweatpants Netflix weekends.

“But you’re not that type!?”
You’ll hear that phrase whatever phase you choose to abandon. “Type” is such an overrated word. Give me a break. I am not one single thing and you can’t label me for good. I will change! In my 20s-radically. And so will you. You don’t have to spend hours trying to explain why. It just happens. 20’s are the most important decade of your life! This is your time to grow at such a high speed, to be selfish and to change.  And by “change”- I mean change something every day if need be! Change is good. Change is your way to step out of the routine and be someone new. That doesn’t make you unstable, that makes you unstoppable! It takes a while to realize this; for some of us. I’d like to have a clear explanation but I don’t. It’s just that there are so many things out there and knowing you can be all these things makes you wander and wonder and learn. No need to feel bad for following your instincts.

Take all your chances. Read all the books you wanted to read, try all the cocktails on the menu, go wild and be free and keep calm if you need to. Trying so hard to fit other people’s visions of you makes you shrink and shape your true self according to someone else’s needs and expectations. You’re basically stopping your own growth. So don’t! Try to explain, if you don’t know how to or don’t feel like it- you don’t have to. The world won’t stop no matter what you choose to do. Your 20’s won’t stop either. Go follow them! It’s a hell of a ride.

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