I love you – in other ways

You love her in your touch; you love her by being there for her. You love her by wiping her tears away as her walls come down that she spent years crafting. You love her in the small bits, like when you hold her hand when it’s damp because she gets nervous when she gets vulnerable.

Kiss, tickle, grab her hand and go to the park. Enjoy the little things, lie down on the grass and watch the sky, talking about everything.  Truly loving her means putting her first. Love is living the fuck out of your life with someone. Love doesn’t get discarded for the next hit. Loving someone means making an effort for them; taking them on a crazy adventure, giving them your time, your understanding.

When you commit to her

You feel her love, her beauty; how her genuineness can’t be replaced. You understand her value – because when you’re together you feel it. When you’re with—when you commit to her—you don’t have one eye wandering at the options. Because you understand that those options are bullshit – it’s all an illusion, it’s just your ego saying, “I want the intangible more,” and your fears saying, “I’m not ready to be so happy, to be vulnerable.


Love is cupping her face gently when you kiss her; listening when she speaks about her family, whispering words of reassurance in her ear, because you know she isn’t broken, just bent. Love isn’t shiny and perfect. Love is raw. Love is the 3 am fights between people who give a shit, the reddened eyes full of emotion, the intense conversations that make you feel understood, that challenge you, push you to think and be better.

Just know she is a light because of the dark times she’s been through. And though she doesn’t have all down yet. She loves with everything.

So I urge you, love her with all you have. Love her well – love her with everything you have. Push her,  remind her, and love her.