Intelligent People Are Night Owls And A Bunch Of Messy

Written by Chloe M.

Our moms were wrong for the first time.

They told us we had to clean our rooms and forces us into bed early. They demanded to learn those things. But those lectures were wrong.

Science has shown that people who stay up late and have messy desks are more intelligent than most. Our parents were wrong.

Also, there is one thing that makes you more intelligent. That is swearing. People who swear a lot have a greater vocabulary. And they are more confident.

A sign of intelligence is messy room, which earlier was a sign of disorganized life. People who worked at a messy desk generated more interesting and ideas. They are willing to break out unconventional norms.

So don’t clean up your messy desks, they are necessary for your creative brain.

Science also proved that night owls are smart. And staying up late lead to awesome job titles. Staying up late actually is good. Intelligent people are doing more things at night than at the day. They are inspired by night. When everyone sleeps and nobody makes noise they are productive. They enjoy working in silence. Most of writers, musician, and artist made their best works at night.

So don’t listen to those lectures that you have to in bed earlier.

Feel confident for being just who you are. The world is yours. Be different.


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